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| Hi! I'm Rafa: 19 yr old Canadian girl who likes to make gifs when she's not lazy. This is a fan blog & is not affiliated with Studio Ghibli, Inc. Content: 80% Ghibli, 10% other, 10% personal posts (everything is tagged). If you're looking for something specific, check the "my gifs/edits" & "tags list" links. Messages will be from dornesunspear

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The Secret World of arrietty

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Here’s another curse for you — may all your bacon burn!

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Hayao Miyazaki is outspoken about his admiration and dislike of the vintage American animation company, Fleischer Studios. In 1979, Miyazaki written a review of Fleischer’s Mister Bug Goes to Town in great detail, “I like Fleischer works. And when I say ‘Fleischer,’ I do not mean Dave Fleischer the individual, but the whole animation staff, which probably included members both young and old and represented an entire trend in animation that is symbolized by the word ‘Fleischer.’” Though he did not enjoy the outcome of Mister Bug Goes to Town, Miyazaki greatly enjoyed the gags from Popeye and particularly finds Betty Boop amusing. He paid tribute to Fleischer Studios and Disney’s 1928 Plane Crazy in this sequence from Porco Rosso, where Porco watches a short animated film in a local film theater. [ x ]

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Studio Ghibli + Food

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Let the wind carry… These wings to you.

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articfrost asked : do you happen to know where you can find this gif I seen a while ago, it was a miyazaki animated gif where it was a bowl of white rice and the person added an egg to it with some soy sauce and mixed it all up, and it looked SOOOO GOOOD!!! thank you :D

Sorry, I haven’t seen anything like that but maybe one of my followers know?

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yaaaaas i’m finally done with this semester

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Nice catch!

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